Selasa, 26 Agustus 2008

History of Ion Spa

History of e-plus Ion Spa, previously known as EBL Ion Cleanse

Ions were first theorized by Michael Faraday arround 1830, to describe the portions of molecules that travel either to an anode or to a cathode. However the mechanism by which this was achieved was not decribed until 1884 by Svante August in his doctoral dissertation to the University of Uppsala. His theory won the Novel Prize in Chemistry in 1903.

Now in the 21st century, Ion technology is widely known and used in many high - tech health related products. e-plus Ion Spa (previously known as EBL Ion Cleanse) started in the year 2003 when founder Mr Hang, was introduced to ionization technology for detoxifying the body developed by German scientists. The collaboration resulted in a business venture with several contacts in USA.

Together with his R&D engineering team and extensive effort in medical research, the detox technology improved and was first developed and exported to the United States market for AVS Beauty in 2003. However, little was known and written about it until late April 2004, the contract expired with AVS Beauty due to changes in its business directions in USA.

Sibo Group then invested US $ 1,000,000 into the factory and challenged the local expertise of Mr. Quiping Hang (Chief Engineer, R&D) to improve and engineered a better Ion Spa Ver 2.0 machine for Worldwide market suitable for small clinic or home use.